PARCO1923 tells the scents of centenary trees and old-growth forests that protect rare and delicate flowers. They were preserved over time thanks to the isolation in which the land laid for centuries. In this way the now so-called National Park of Abruzzo Lazio and Molise remained uncontaminated.

A story that begins at the end of 19th C. to stop the Marsican Brown Bear extermination and came true in 1923 when the royal seal proclaimed the birth of one of the most ancient parks in Europe.

The smells and the colours of this land, together with the beauty of its rivers and streams, inspired the synthesis of a natural Eden in an elegant and delicate aroma from which PARCO1923 comes to life.

The endemic plants, used as medicines over the centuries, were combined with local materials, pietra gentile (gentle stone) and beech wood, destined to catch a perfume made of botanical secrets and sensory memories.

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