The scent of nature


The scent of nature

Parco1923 perfumes

Unique and precious fragrances that faithfully reproduce the scent of centuries-old trees and rare flowers native of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

Riserva Regia

The new Eau de Parfum by PARCO1923, an ethereal and enveloping composition inspired by the ancient Mountain Nobility.

Three fragrances inspired by the Park’s most iconic mountain huts, designed to recreate the evocative and unspoiled atmosphere of the mountains in your spaces.

Scarpetta di Venere

A line of body-care products with a soft but incisive fragrance, just like the rare wild orchid whose name it bears.

Olfactory architecture

The magical plants and flowers that populate the ancient woods of the protected National Park are the soul of the fragrances by PARCO1923.

Gentle stone

A ring of limestone rock historically used in Abruzzo captures the fragrant molecules with each vaporization of the fragrances, prolonging the experience of PARCO1923.

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