A white calcareous rock, lying in the deepest heart of the National Park of Abruzzo: the so-called “Pietra Gentile” Mountain that took its name just from that stone.
“Gentle” because of its pliability and easy workability.
Throughout the centuries it became a material of excellence for the construction of historical buildings in the area of Abruzzo.

Because of its natural porosity and its capillary properties, PARCO1923 trapped the essence of this stone and made it a protagonist of the entire line.

Pietra Gentile is used in the cap of the candle where it grabs the aroma of a warm and perfumed wax and in the eau de toilette bottle ring that will remain impregnated with the scent at any use, leaving an unforgettable taste of ancient woods, like a memory to cherish over time.


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