Gentle stone

A malleable and porous native stone adorns the bottles of PARCO1923 fragrances, underlining the close link with the territory.

To underline the strong bond with the Land of Abruzzo that PARCO1923 represents, the fragrance bottles and the ambient diffuser are surmounted by a ring in Pietra Gentile. It is a white limestone rock, which rests in the deepest heart of the Abruzzo National Park: the “Pietragentile” mountain, which takes its name from this malleable and easy-to-work stone.

Naturally porous, over the centuries it has become a material of excellence in the construction of historic buildings in Abruzzo and today it is used for its capillary properties, thanks to which it becomes an integral part of the PARCO1923 line. With each vaporization of the fragrances, the porosity of the stone captures the molecules that would otherwise be dispersed into the environment. Once the bottle is used up, the stone ring can be removed and stored, continuing to release the fragrance.

Product with "Pietra Gentile" stone ring

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