Tree moss

With its sensual and enveloping underbrush, it evokes strength and confi dence as the benevolent protector of our plants that brings us inside the Park.

Beech wood

Covers over 60% of these forests with entire woods of ancient plants. It is clearly present in the fi nal notes, lending the perfume’s closing its strong and impressive touch.


A now rare flower that fragilely grows in mountain pastures. Just gently smelling it will have you lost in its sweet and persistent scent and our memories.


With its rich and opulent fragrance, it grows densely and is highly visible, thanks to its warm, golden hue; it is reminiscent of honey and beeswax both in color and fragrance.


Called golden rain for its shape; the heady scent is a poisonous plant for humans but not for animals. It was used by witches in magic rituals.


It was featured in Art Nouveau due to its elegance. A medicinal fl ower with a sweet and delicate perfume, was placed on the pillow of young girls to encourage dreams of love.

Wild celery

A flower with a bitter and pungent aroma. In past centuries it was believed to extend one’s life; it is for this reason that it was searched for along the streams that descend the mountains of the Park.


It grows wild in the mountains of Abruzzo, and is used in the local cuisine and traditional medicine. It makes an immediate impression with its aromatic and balsamic strength.


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